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MAPGEMS Leierskap

Gedagte prikkelende insigte oor leierskap.

MAPGEMS Leadership

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Garsfontein - Wed, 9am

Hosted by Mel Lachenicht and CBI Pretoria East

MAPCAFE 1 (Tuesday 6am)

Hosted by Dr Yonah and Glen McQuirk

MAPCAFE 2 (Tuesday 7am)

Hosted by Manisha Ramdhin and Glen McQuirk

MAPCAFE 3 (Tuesday 8am)

Hosted by Delani Mthembu and Glen McQuirk

MAPCAFE 4 (Wednesday 6am)

Hosted by Associates and Glen McQuirk

MAPCAFE 5 (Wednesday 7am)

Hosted by Carlton Franciscus and Glen McQuirk

MAPCAFE 6 (Wednesday 8am)

Hosted by Andro Engelbrecht and Glen McQuirk

MAPCAFE 7 (Thursday 6am)

Hosted by Associates and Glen McQuirk

MAPCAFE 8 (Thursday 7am)

Hosted by Associates and Glen McQuirk

MAPCAFE 9 (Thursday 8am)

Hosted by Dee Fitzpatrick and Glen McQuirk

Phase A - Methodology

Learn the FIVE-STEP Methodology in under an hour. Register for FREE using the NOT A MEMBER button.

Module 1 - Position

Use three assessment tools to identify New Habits and improve BALANCE.

Module 2 - Destination

Apply a FOUR-STEP-FILTER to identify your TOP 10 ideas, define your PURPOSE, VISION and MISSION.

Module 3 - Preparation

Follow the Secret Seven Step Formula to set effective Goals, create a Vision Board and Project Chart.

Module 4 - Action

Utilise our systematic process to convert BIG GOALS into EASY-TO-DO daily action steps.

Phase B - Readiness

After completing Phase A you automatically qualify to proceed on your journey to become a Coach.


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