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Terence OGLE
MAP4LIFE Partner

MAP4LIFE is fundamental to my approach.

Its structured methodology and flexible application makes it the ideal coaching tool for both you and I.


Through our coaching sessions you will be able to achieve BALANCE, find DIRECTION, reach your GOALS and discover your PURPOSE.

What You Get...

After each session, you will be given practical assignments to complete supported by online video's and examples to follow. At the end of our program, you will have a comprehensive MAP FOR LIFE that will guide you towards your chosen objectives. 

MAP4LIFE Methodology

STEP 1: Establish your POSITION

STEP 2: Determine your DESTINATION

STEP 3: Prepare your PLAN

STEP 4: Take Meaningful ACTION

STEP 5: Record your RESULTS

What I Offer...

As a valued client, you will automatically enjoy Annual Membership with the MAP4LIFE Institute and all associated benefits. You will also receive a personal invitation to participate in a local or online MAPCLUB where you can engage with like-minded people on the MAP journey.


Personal, team or group coaching programs to effectively apply the methodology and create your own comprehensive MAP FOR LIFE.


Small group sessions for ongoing mentorship, accountability and progress ensuring maximum assimilation of the methodology.


Half-day or full-day training sessions designed to primarily teach the methodology for implementation through a 20-Day Program.

What Clients Say...

"I have used MAP4LIFE since the year 2000. It has had a profound impact on the direction of my life and the goals I have set."


South Africa

"What an amazing and empowering tool. This FREE PROGRAM is priceless. Let it give you direction in life."

Lucas NEL
USA - Virginia

"All over Africa I see people's lives being TOUCHED and TRANSFORMED through this program. It will change your life."

Donna-Ray WHITE


"Its incredible to see how enthusiastic people become when they are equipped with MAP4LIFE."



Keep in Contact...



+27 83 260 1320


Johannesburg, South Africa

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Glen A. McQuirk,

Founder MAP4LIFE Institute

Terence has a passion for people and his commitment to his clients is what makes him a great MAPCOACH. Invest in your future purposefully with Terence.

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